Behind every person who builds a website, there’s a dream and a vision. Perhaps it’s to connect family and create a legacy. Perhaps it’s to create a business in order to spend more time with family an doing the things you love. Perhaps it’s to share a passion with like-minded individuals. Whatever dream that website represents for you,it is, first and foremost, your home, your piece of property, on the great big worldwide web. And as such, you cherish it.
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If you host with us, so do we. We’ll go out of our way to give you the best experience possible. We’ll be the “landlord” who ensures the grounds are shipshape so you can be proud to make your home here. It’s still up to you, however, to do the things you need to do in order to protect that home.

Even if you don’t host with us and something goes wrong, you might feel helpless, not quite knowing what to do. Here you’ll find articles to help you figure things out,from beginner to advanced. But if you don’t feel up to website DIY, there’s a widget for that as well. Click to email or call.

If you’re the proactive type, you’ll find articles here to help protect both your site and your devices. If your device or website has been compromised, though, please click to email or call. We can help. We fully understand that behind every compromised device or website, there’s a person feeling very violated and victimized. With a little time and a dash of TLC, we can help you put things back together again–& perhaps even better than before.


Humpty DumptyHumpty Dumpty
Even if your website’s functioning swimmingly, & your devices are working well, maybe you’ve just got a question about how to do something. We, in turn, might just have the answer in one of our posts. & if not, why not ask us. We might just decide it’s worth an article (or 2, or 3). Or maybe you’re just starting out creating a website, & you’ve got a question. Cool. Again, look to see if we have any articles that suit your needs. If not,ask. You might save yourself a shipload of time.

Whatever the need, click the widget to email or call, or simply leave a comment. We’ll get back. Thanks for visiting and allowing us to serve you.